decor The Recipe Writer's Handbook

Throughout the book, well-known culinary professionals share their thoughts on what makes a good recipe.

The handbook is conveniently organized by alphabetical listings to make it quick and easy to use, whether at a computer or in the kitchen.

The Recipe Writer's Handbook is a must for all culinary professionals: food editors, writers, consultants, teachers, food industry personnel, advertising and public relations agency writers, home economists, chefs, extension specialists, and more. It is also a definitive text for home economics journalism courses.

"Ostmann and Baker have packed more solid information about writing recipes into this one book than Iíve learned in 17 years as a professional cooking editor! Iím impressed by the way the authors cover the topic at all levels-from developing a writing style to knowing the difference between '1 cup flour, sifted' and '1 cup sifted flour.' This book will have permanent shelf space in our library."
Martha Holmberg,
Editor-in-Chief, Fine Cooking Magazine
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